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I need your help and support in exposing corruption within the Metropolitan police. I also want to put a stop to sham defence in court.

We cannot have the Metropolitan police presenting in court. :


  1. Falsified documents.
  2. Tampered evidence.
  3. Tampered witness statement.
  4. Fake CCTV footage.
  5. False CRIS crime report.
  6. Tampered VIIDO 3 job sheet.
  7. False witness statement from an ex-military police officer.
  8. Manipulated images.


If the presentation of false, falsified and tampered evidence in court is allowed to continue unabated, then the courts no longer becomes a place where you turn to for justice, it becomes a tool to be used as an instrument of fraud.

In effect, the poor cannot get justice unless he/she can afford the extra court cost, needed to pursue their case up the chain of the legal system.


The effects of this denial of justice means that, the poor have no protections under the Human Rights Act, No protections from the Data Protection Act and certainly no rights to a fair trial and/or hearing in a Civil Court.

On the 5th December 2013 I found my image 113699 on the Metropolitan police Most Wanted Poster at Harrow road Police station West London. There was no justification for placing my image on this poster. I made a complaint with the IPCC. Took the matter to court. All the details are in my report

The report will also show the actions of individuals within the Metropolitan police and the corresponding time line of each event in the process of manufacturing evidences.



Snap Shot of some of the evidences

The practice of presenting false, falsified and tampered evidence in the civil court by the Metropolitan police must be stopped in the interest of a fair trial and the protection of the individual ‘s human rights.


I want to put a stop to the practice of the Metropolitan police putting up a sham defence in court.


We as a democratic society need to make sure that everyone in this country receives a fair trial and/or hearing regardless of their colour, race, religion. or their financial status.

Background to my complaint with the Metropolitan Police.

The report will show the behind the scene activities of the Metropolitan police officers, when a complaint is lodged with the IPCC, which is then investigated by the local police force, in effect they’re investigating themselves.



* False witness statement from an ex-military police officer, Helen Mackay the European Director of Security for Tiffany & Co. Put forward  by the Metropolitan Police in order to try and stop an application notice to strike out their  defence for fraud.

* False CRIS Crime report, with PC  1183CW H.Whyte making false statements in regards to a non-existent address on page 22 of the alleged CRIS crime report with time line to go with it.


*  The alleged CRIS Crime report and Helen Mackay’s witness statement is as real as the address given by PC 1183CW.  H.Whyte on page 22 of the alleged CRIS Crime report (19 Teeside Road) Teeside Road does not exist in London, non-at all and certainly not in Walthamstow.


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